The Last Wind-Up


The Last Wind-Up is a comprehensive repair facility. We are able to service and repair nearly all mechanical and electronic watches and clocks. As a watchmaker with over 25 years of experience at the bench, Dave Berghold, the owner, has at his disposal, a wealth of knowledge about the repair and restoration of watches and clocks in particular, antique timepieces. Specializing in American, Swiss and English timepiece, Berghold is fluent in the mechanics of most watches made in the aforementioned countries and is able to repair and restore the complex mechanisms to like new condition. Be it a modern Rolex, Omega, vintage American railroad watch or a classic English verge escapement fusee watch, the necessary parts, if not readily available, can be manufactured by hand. The Last Wind-Up is currently an authorized repair facility for Limes Watches and Archimedes Watches of Germany as well as a service facility for Rolex USA. We've recently invested in over $14,000 worth of water resistance testing equipment to assure quality service for your timepiece.

Dave Berghold at the bench

The repair facility is a combination of both antique and modern tooling. With a huge assortment of vintage parts, many dating from the early 1900's, the facility is well equipped to be able to fit the necessary parts to nearly any watch or clock offered for repair. Whether it is an original glass crystal for a family heirloom pocket watch or a full restoration of a wrist watch with missing parts, it is a personal challenge of the owner to see that the watch be brought back to a fully functioning timepiece that will last for generations.

We invite you to inquire about our repair services. We offer highly competitive prices on the repair and overhaul watches and offer a liberal one-year guarantee on workmanship. Parts such as crystals, mainsprings and the like are not covered. Misuse, including subjecting the timepiece to hot-tubs, Jacuzzis and excessive depths in water are not covered.


All parts used are genuine unless fabricated in house. If you would like a copy of the current price list, please click here. If you have any questions or concerns about sending an item through the mail, please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll offer you the best methods of shipping your watch with the utmost security. If you choose not accept our estimate, the watch will be returned to you. Your only cost is the return shipping and insurance.

As a life member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors and former Chapter 115 president, as well as a long time member of the American Watch and Clockmakers Institute, the integrity of workmanship and customer satisfaction is our foremost goal.

Feel free to contact Dave Berghold personally. As owner of the company, he takes pride in answering all emails and inquiries that come to The Last Wind-Up.

Please note: We can not offer repair estimates over the phone. Have a look at our repair rates for general costs.

Appraisals: We do not offer appraisals on-line or over the phone. If you are interested in an appraisal, please send your watch in using the repair form. For informal appraisals, use one of the auction sites like eBay.

For all other historical information about your particular watch, we suggest searching the National Association of Watch and Clock Collector's site - in the "message board".

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