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The Last Wind-Up

At the Last Wind-Up, we are always striving to offer our customers the best watches we can. We have hand selected the following watch companies for their ability to offer reliable, well styled and high quality timepieces. These companies are partnered with us to offer the best customer service possible. A watch is a reflection of who you are and what you do. At the Last Wind-Up, it is our goal to have a selection of watches that fit every application. From the most rugged sport watch to the finest mechanical dress watch, The Last Wind-Up is certain to have the watch to complement your lifestyle. We stock a generous variety of the following brands. Feel free to email us with your specific watch needs; if we don't have it in stock, we can usually get it within a few days. And remember, there's no sales tax in Montana.... a nice added savings!

Click the brand names below to view our available watches for each manufacturer.


Real Watches for Real People. Few watch companies make movements in-house, but the Last Wind-Up has the pleasure to offer one that does! ORIS watches have contained nothing but high quality mechanical movements for the entirety of their nearly 100 year history, and in 2014, after a 35 year stint of employing Swiss made movements, they were proud to produce those high quality movements on their own once again. ORIS has made a commitment to create watches that will impact people's Real Lives, whether for you that means diving with confidence in extreme underwater conditions, piloting a plane with the needed tools on your wrist, or simply looking sharp for the cutie next door. Real Lives need Real Watches, that's why Real People wear ORIS.


Boccia is back! After about a 5 year hiatus from the brand due to the companies desire to restructure their sales market, we now have Boccia back at the Last Wind-Up. All titanium cases, stylish designs and at very affordable prices, Boccia is sure to find favor with any age group. And, for those who like to customize, Boccia's ID collection lets you build your watch to suit your taste. Pick the case, face color, bezel color, hands, strap or bracelet, and the watch is made in 3 days.

Official Watch of the Montana Highway Patrol

Available only at the Last Wind-Up. Hand assembled locally. Offered with a nylon strap with leather backing for $150 or a full metal bracelet $165. 3 Year Guarantee. 20% of all sales donated to MTHP.


Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creative. At BALL Watch, innovation and creativity are the cornerstones on the foundation of their corporate mission, "Accuracy Under Adverse Conditions". Continuing in the tradition of Webster Clay Ball, BALL Watch aspires to manufacture the most accurate watches on the planet, ruggedized for use by those that live / work / play in truly adverse conditions. With unlimited inspiration, BALL is today setting the standards just as Webster Clay Ball did in the late 1800s and through the early 1900s.

Momentum (by St. Moritz)

St. Moritz Watch Compamy specializes in high quality sports watches, producing their own designs and also acting as agents for some well-known Swiss brands. (e.g. Breitling and Revue Thommen). Their clients include some of the most prestigious sports chains, catalog companies and automobile manufacturers in the world. With a line-up of mostly quartz watches and some self-winding, their watch collection expands slowly but steadily, based on their reputation for providing customers with unparalleled value for money. By the early 1990's, they decided to focus on their own Momentum and St. Moritz brands, and gradually relinquished agencies for other watch lines. They have become market leaders in the specialty SCUBA market segment, with an unmatched selection of different models, technologies and price-points. Their expertise in waterproof watches has also allowed them to expand rapidly into specialty sports, outdoor and paddle stores, with an emphasis on functional, legible watches that are built to last.

Tree Ring Watches

Capturing the essence of natural time, these beautiful pieces are crafted from Douglas fir sourced from forests in western Montana. The years recorded by the tree rings in the wooden dial of the watch are juxtaposed against the seconds, minutes and hours ticked off by the Swiss movement inside. Based out of Missoula, Dave Wager of Tree Ring LLC strives to preserve old growth forests by harvesting small-diameter trees from the understory that are adding unnatural stress to the larger old-growth trees. He focuses on patches of old growth that are too small for economically viable restorative thinning. With a Masters degree specializing in forest resources, Dave is providing quality protection of Montana's beautiful forests while also offering unique and attractive timepieces that we are proud to sell. Come look at these beautiful watches as well as Dave's tree ring pens in the shop!

Jardur Watches

Jardur Watches are your perfect option if you're looking for a top of the line Aviation Watch. Precision crafted to be a cockpit instrument for the wrist, these watches are as much a functional tool as they are a beautiful ornamentation for the arm.